Youth and Families
Transformed One
Chapter At A Time

Immersion Outfitters has youth and family gatherings and service opportunities on a quarterly basis. Check back often here and on our events page to learn more.


Come enjoy the opportunity to gather with other faithful families at IO.

IO is a faith-based community for youth and families

While we primarily focus on leading men on their walk, we always want to include our women and families, as well. Check back often to see more events, and if you'd like to volunteer to lead, let us know!


IO would love to host weekly Bible studies for youth and/or families to come together and learn about Christ with and through each other.

We also hope to host an annual VBS, as well. 

However, at this time, we do not have enough volunteer leaders, so if you’d like to help us set up this program or serve our youth and families in some way, please let us know! 

You can email for more information.


We believe community is of the utmost importance. Being involved in a community such as IO provides families to walk through life with, whatever triumphs and challenges it may bring.

The families who come to IO come from all walks of life. They represent all backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, abilities, and faith walks. Best of all, they love and care for each other deeply. 

We hope you will join our community!


As part of a community of believers, we not only study God’s Word, but we aim to live it out.

We find opportunities to serve our community often, sometimes through events we host, other times alongside other ministries who serve the poor, hungry, or in need.

We serve both around our IO communities, and also abroad. If you’re interested in joining service or mission opportunities, let us know!


As we do for our men’s and women’s groups, we welcome all kids and family, regardless of background, ethnicity, ability, or faith walk. 

Keep in touch, and we’ll see y’all soon. 

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available from 10:00 – 19:00

Address 9599 Braun Road San Antonio, TX